Application Development.

Application Development

Project Description

At CapB, we help define client requirements, write specifications and design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms — including Internet technologies — enabling your systems to function in new operating environments.

We follow one of the two approaches to application development and integration:

  • Full life-cycle application development, in which we assume start-to-finish responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems; or
  • Cooperative development, in which our experts work with your in-house IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate new systems.

A key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate sophisticated business applications and/or websites with your client server and legacy systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

Our custom application development services include:

  • Application design, development, and implementation
  • Systems integration/consolidation
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of packages
  • Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case

CapB C- Focal Point Strategy – a process driven approach:

Strong alignment is critical to the success of your efforts. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to-Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using SAP Enterprise Modeling & applications & Analytics.


The figure on the left depicts how CapB C- Focalpoint strategy helped a Fortune 200 organization in their project using CapB “CFocal Point strategy”

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become an increasingly popular business model for companies of all sizes to help increase productivity and reduce operating expenses by leveraging offshore talent. The ODC model has also proven to be a highly effective tool for providing clients with greater visibility and predictability in the development process.
CapB’s highly successful offshore development strategy stands on our four pillar of success:


Highly Skilled Developers
We hire developers with good programming aptitude who are team players. We believe that our project requiring team work and commitment more than individual heroics to make project successful. Each developer that we hire meets the criteria of being a team player and commitment.Testing of programming aptitude is built in to our hiring process which leads to consistent inflow of candidates in our company.
Well Equipped Team
We make sure that our development teams have access to the best in class tools to do their work. A very powerful high end laptop, comfortable workspace and right tools and technologies is made available to our developers to ensure that they do not loose time.
A regular communication forms the backbone of our process. We do daily meetings with the customer to give an update of work done and possible impediments. Regular communication with the developers ensure that the project team members are in sync with the product owners and business managers onsite.
Level Playing Field
Lack of level playing field between IT and business is often leads to one party taking a passive role in the development process which might lead to the surfacing of problems at much later stage. We encourage open communication among the IT and business people. This requires business team to share the project vision and business case with IT team while IT team has to remain responsive to business need and considering their job done only when the business meets
goals with the software developed by us.

1. For a large healthcare solution provider CapB has Successfully developed and maintaing a Payer provider portal – inclusive of Clinical integration complete with  top of the line analytics solution.
2. For a Fortune 200 client CapB is developing a .net based  Global financial solution to work in tandem with Hyperion.EJB3, RESTFUL, HADDOP, R.

(1) Successful Developemnet, Implementations and Maintenance, Satisfied Customers: CapB has helped diverse customers across verticals, from Fortune 200 companies to fresh implementation to maintenance projects-we walk the extra mile to deliver projects within time and budget to the complete satisfaction of all stakeholders.

(2) Experience- :With Certified consultants across technical and varied Functional domain and an average of 10 years of experience per consultant, CapB has the knowledge required to help companies clarify real-world needs, estimate real-world costs, and execute real-world solutions.

(3)Flexibility, Cost & Promptness: CapB provides clients tremendous Flexibility –: Multiple pricing and innovative delivery models to suit client needs. Fixed Bid projects, to Staffing (Time and Material or Fixed Price), From onsite to remote/offshore and all these with best of experienced and SAP certified consultants, and at price points which are much attractive than the Big 4 consulting companies. Dedicated Centers of Excellence for innovative solutions specific to their needs.

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