Distribution and Logistics Industry Solutions From CapB

In a changing world where New distribution channels grow, existing channels expand to global sourcing, cross-sell capabilities, third-party logistics, and radio frequency identification (RFID), greater competition and higher customer service expectations- Distribution companies have to implement more advanced management solutions to cope with these changes.

CapB helps with the tools they needed to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated warehouse management and logistics/shipment management.

Services provided for the distribution and logistics industries include:|Business process (workflow) | ERP Solutions |Warehouse Management Systems integration and support |Custom solutions for the logistics industry| EDI integration and facilitation |TPL system integration |Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales teams| Case Management systems for customer service teams| Infrastructure and network services |

CapB Consultants have decade plus of distribution and logistics systems experience and have performed multiple engagements in durable goods, retail, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and TPL support. Logistics services include working with international intermodal, cartage, package delivery, and rail.

CapB’s Big Data Analytics helps Logistics and Distribution companies from a value point of view, into one of three dimensions:-The first and most obvious is operational efficiency. In this case, data is used to make better decisions, to optimize resource consumption, and to improve process quality and performance. The second dimension is customer experience; typical aims are to increase customer loyalty, perform precise customer segmentation, and optimize customer service. Including the vast data Resources of the public Internet, Big Data propel CRM Techniques to the next evolutionary stage. It also enables new business models to complement revenue streams from existing products, and to create additional revenue from entirely new (data) products. For each of these Big Data value dimensions, there are growing numbers of compelling solutions from CapB.

CapB’s Business Intelligence/ Analytics solutions helps logistics and distribution companies accelerate the speed of goods distribution, monitor and improve operational performance and leverage sales and marketing data for competitive advantage. We develop BI solutions that provide the information our logistics and distribution customers need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas including:

  • Budget and Cost Intelligence:     CapB’s BI solutions help you compare forecast to actual sales, tonnage and yield to monitor travel routes revenue streams ,predict future activity and expenses, various metrics on vehicles, forecast  based on historical data and trends.
  • Shipping Performance Intelligence: CapB helps you to gain visibility across the critical path of shipment by monitoring shipment & triggering business processes when milestones are fulfilled or missed. CapB helps you effectively analyze and improve decision making regarding region, shipment number, time dimensions, shipping point, route, products, and types of goods, material, containers, forwarding agent or supplier.
  • Supply Chain Intelligence: Analyze and monitor supply chain for inefficiencies; CapB solutions provide intelligence to manage and monitor goods distribution. Track and analyze shipping, bar-code and manifest data to identify and correct errors, mistakes and quality issues at distribution centers.
  • Operations Optimization- CapB helps minimize transportation and labor costs as you see through millions of events in high-complexity environments and detect patterns and correlations between business activities and other event streams to optimize: |Real-time exception handling and SLA monitoring| Resource allocation and capacity utilization| Routes and schedules |Cargo flow
  • Customer Intelligence: CapB’s Web-based solutions provide services across customers to determine profitability and create new value-add services to retain customers
  • EAM (Asset Management) & Predictive Equipment Maintenance.  CapB helps you to track assets from procurement through deployment, repair and retirement, and link existing systems through master data management into a virtual single asset view to support predictive asset management applications. Location, maintenance history and usage to real-time events and use predictive models to identify patterns about the condition of your assets that could signal potential faults, identifying them before they cause problems.
  • Predictive Scheduling and Process Improvements- Automatically and accurately predict the arrival and departure times of cargo, factoring in weather, traffic, historical patterns and other data to accelerate subsequent workflows and save time..


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