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CapB provides complete solutions from advice to implementation on how IoT and Big Data Analytics can be translated into business value drivers. We connect devices, design IoT architectures, implement and build custom applications.

CapB has dedicated teams of experienced Developers, Architects & Domain Experts, to connect your devices to IoT, who can either provide custom solutions or Re-factor old apps into efficient user experiences ready to support the demands of IoT today. We also help you develop value propositions and business models to help validate your IoT initiative. The workshop typically takes 1-2 days up front with several additional sessions over the course of 3-4 weeks to complete.

CapB’s IoT strategy defines new business models, new revenue opportunities, and new value propositions in order to realize the full potential of IoT.  Through our workshops, rapidly capturing requirements we lead client team through ideation and discovery to identifying opportunities and translate those into architecture diagrams, wireframes, mock-ups and use cases we can discuss, test and iterate on. IoT architecture from CapB is done through CapB’s consulting experience in various IoT technologies across

  • IoT Custom solutions/Product Evaluation: We provide Open Source and Custom Solutions, Including CapB pre-built solutions.
  • Framework and platforms like Arrayent , AWS IoT (Amazon) , DataV (Bsquare) , Datonis (Altizon) , Microsoft Azure IoT Suite , MindSphere (Siemens) ,Mosaic (LTI) , Oracle IoT Cloud Service , Predix (GE Digital) , ThingWorx (PTC) ,Splunk.
  • Chip Manufacturers, Sensors, Connectivity Technologies, Application Design, Data Integration and Remote Services, providing a flexible & scalable Evergreen adaptable solution.
  • M2M Landscape Validation & Due Diligence: We have a comprehensive understanding of the integration of embedded devices with IoT-platforms within the M2M world.
  • Development, System Integration & Cloud Hosting: Developing applications for IoT requires a unique set of skills and know-how that our team of experts has exacted over the years. Including a cost-effective hosting model that can grow with your demands and integrating different technologies into a working solution.
  • For Embedded (Software/hardware) & Wireless Systems: Hardware design and development; Hardware prototyping; Production of prototypes; Embedded software design and development; Hardware and software verification; Integration test and acceptance support. We handle Embedded Software Development regardless of chosen processor& and real-time OS and are also experienced in sensor integration of different sensor types. Our expertise covers hardware design from scratch, complete go-to-manufacturing documentation, strategic selection of hardware manufacturers and compliance testing.
  • For applications: Requirements gathering and analysis; Solution Architecture; User interface design; Application design and development; Multi-vendor solution integration; Robust testing services – integration, performance and regression.
  • Mobile applications: We advise clients on best practice on mobile development, including the pros and cons of native applications versus cross-platform solutions.

For example Through IoT CapB can help in

  1. Pattern Recognition (Constant Risk monitoring based on past data)
  2. Video Analytics on Cloud (Thermal Imaging of refectories, High-speed video captures roughing mill operation for analysis)
  3. Complex Event Processing (CEP) (Data Stream Analysis –e.g. Alert when sinter size exceed 5% deviation in 10 minute timeframe (Microsoft StreamInsight,SQLStream–open source)
  4. Within CapB, data modeling and algorithm development is performed using industry leading tools for data mining and supervised machine learning.

Through Big Data Analytics and IOT framework we can bring a level of competence which is not possible with standard MES solutions for manufacturers such as Steel

CapB’s “C-Focal Point” Strategy

Strong alignment is critical to the success of any effort. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics.

CapB’s ” C-Focal Point” strategy  coupled with our technocrats,  will provide greater ROI ,whether you are on your first SAP implementation or want to increase the value of the applications you already have, or moving towards Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

Project Management Life-cycle @ CapB

The CapB project management framework and methodology  (CPMM), is the blueprint for project management at CapB. It offers a common language, a common approach, and a common training model for the discipline of project management in the CapB environment. The CPMM augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management. It incorporates best practices from the PMI,  (SEI) , (CMM),  Agile . Because of the complexities of managing large projects, and controlling a myriad of parameters, the CPMM is organized into a framework of processes, procedures, best practices, and tools designed to provide flexibility and discipline to the project management team. Figure on the right, CapB Project Management Methodology, provides a high-level view of integration of our project management approach and our systems development processes.

 The success of your IoT & M2M solution is to a large degree determined by the Speed, Practicality, Cost and the Effectiveness of the solution to add value to your organization. This is where CapB  brings value for clients through our Multitude of Experienced consultants (who has seen & done  numerous client uses case) in providing a Quick ROI and Long Sustaining Operations and competitive advantage.

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