RPA Solutions From CapB

CapB is one of the leaders with high capability management and technological consultants who are leaders in RPA. At CapB the essence of RPA is to characterize an application / software / programs, a Robot who can perform the quintessential tasks to perfection. The key benefits CapB provides through RPA to an organization are:

  1. Increased Productivity/ Effectiveness: improve time/ SLA/ commitment to customer (external and internal) for the business processes execution
  2. Improve Accuracy/ Effectiveness: Reduce the error rate for the process execution and improve more accurate outcomes
  3. Improve Speed/ Efficiency: Improve the time to market and delivery of any task/ activity/ complete process
  4. Availability/ Efficiency: Robots are available 24×7
  5. Business Agility: Changing the process is much easier
  6. Reduce Cost: As a outcome of all the above forces, the cost of operations will be reduced.

CapB provides custom solutions as part of our “Innovation As Service” for RPA as well as implementation of solutions from | Automation Anywhere | Blue Prism | Epiance | Jacada | Kryon Systems | Nice | OpenConnect | Pegasystems | Redwood Software | UiPath | Verint WorkFusion |

Why CapB?

Cutting across traditional boundaries CapB is a provider and Integrator in providing an one-platform solution across IT BPO RPA services. CapB’s expertise stems in providing customers with highly mature and best-in-class business processes based on the following Next-Generation tenets:

  • Domain orientation
  • Innovation and improvement focus
  • Output/ outcome/ flexible constructs
  • Integrated Global Delivery Model
  • Risk and compliance

Building on these tenets, CapB’s Next Generation RPA methodology and solution helps organizations

  • To discretely build up and underwrite the business benefits of RPA when applied to their processes
  • To effective amalgamate technology with a client’s business processes assuring proper configuration, maintenance and compliance.

CapB’s “C-Focal Point” Strategy

Strong alignment is critical to the success of any effort. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics.

CapB’s ” C-Focal Point” strategy  coupled with our technocrats,  will provide greater ROI ,whether you are on your first SAP implementation or want to increase the value of the applications you already have, or moving towards Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

Project Management Life-cycle @ CapB

The CapB project management framework and methodology  (CPMM), is the blueprint for project management at CapB. It offers a common language, a common approach, and a common training model for the discipline of project management in the CapB environment. The CPMM augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management. It incorporates best practices from the PMI,  (SEI) , (CMM),  Agile . Because of the complexities of managing large projects, and controlling a myriad of parameters, the CPMM is organized into a framework of processes, procedures, best practices, and tools designed to provide flexibility and discipline to the project management team. Figure on the right, CapB Project Management Methodology, provides a high-level view of integration of our project management approach and our systems development processes.

 The success of your RPA solution is to a large degree determined by the Speed, Practicality, Cost and the Effectiveness of the solution to add value to your organization. This is where CapB  brings value for clients through our Multitude of Experienced consultants (who has seen & done  numerous client uses case) in providing a Quick ROI and Long Sustaining Operations and competitive advantage.


For more information or to have a discussion with us please email us at mail@capbinfotek.com

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