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In Engineering and Manufacturing environments, achieving operational excellence depends on alignment among manufacturing, R&D, engineering, planning and collaboration processes. CapB’s EMS practice uses the latest solutions addressing the entire value chain—from conceptualization and design through manufacturing. CapB  partners with industrial manufacturers to achieve their business objectives such as containing costs, improving operating efficiencies across the value chain including manufacturing, R&D, procurement and logistics, plant maintenance, sales, distribution and aftermarket areas, and improving the time-to-market of new products.

CapB utilizes various industry standard best practices, management principles, tools and techniques, and methodologies such as SCOR, Theory of Constraints, Simulated Value Stream Mapping and Lean Principles to deliver its services.

Services provided include Solutions on |.NET, JAVA, MATLAB & Simulink | Embedded Solutions | Application Packaging | CAD Solutions|Data Acquisition| Data Analysis| Analytics & Predictive Modeling| Algorithm Development | Parallel Computing (GPU’s) Big Data and Analytics | ERP/ SCM/WM/PLM/EAM solutions|.

CapB has tremendous expertise in developing easy to use instrument interfaces. We excel at both AJAX enabled web interfaces and full scale C# and C++/CLI .NET applications leveraging WPF, MVVM, LINQ and WCF. Custom real-time scientific/engineering plotting/trending/alarming/reporting solutions can be delivered using both C# and Matlab. We provide solutions on Infragistics and Nevron frameworks as well as MS Office integration.  Professional GUI solutions can be provided using toolkits such as Matlab GUIDE, QT, Flash/Flex, Silverlight etc. for an easy-to-use user experience..

CapB has extensive expertise in developing embedded solutions with built-in web servers that leverage the power and flexibility of AJAX. We have an arsenal of languages from C# through FORTRAN, and platforms that range from the Atmel Tiny12 to the 32 bit ColdFire to address project needs. Automated test support can be provided with SCPI/VISA/IVI/LXI programmable instruments. CapB can quickly write a PC based GUI that can control all test and measurement instruments and save you money and time over a manual approach..

Properly preparing applications requires a coordinated effort between application developers (e.g., software engineers, R&D engineers, etc.) and the enterprise software distribution team. CapB has the business experience and technical expertise to blend “best practices” with the right toolsets to ensure successful packaging. CapB offers onsite and remote/offshore application packaging solutions. CapB  helps you :  To strategize ; Understand the core applications in your environment., Suggest packaging formats right for your environment; Sets up packaging environments and standards; Package applications as a part of a solution or case by case basis .  We deliver solutions like Wise, (Symantec/Flexera) Admin Studio InstallShield on both COTS and custom software providers. Performing MSI and EXE application packaging / repackaging using Wise Admin Studio, InstallShield, VBScript and / or Powershell .Integrate packages and software deployments into SCCM distributions throughout the organization. Perform and validate test packages for Workstations operating systems. Develop custom application packages and rewraps of existing vendor packages as necessary. Perform full life cycle of software packaging including definition, requirements gathering, analysis, packaging, and testing. Develop packaging, and supporting applications to update systems to the latest build. Create installer packages. Provide solutions using wise scripting, VB scripting, silent installs, and conflict resolution. Provide App-V Packaging and sequencing related services.

CapB specializes in 2D & 3D drawing, drafting, 3D visualization , Meshing and remote access file viewing services, delivering tailored solutions. Whether you are looking to outsource all of your CAD work, or are seeking to manage peaks and troughs in workflow more cost-effectively (on-demand or as-needed basic), CapB is the ideal partner. Solutions provided include- Product Design and Development, Concurrent Engineering, Value Engineering, Engineering Change Management, Bench Marking, Re-engineering / Reverse engineering, Re-mastering / CAD 3D & 2D, Manufacturing Drawing and GD&T Tolerance Analysis, Technical Publication. Some CAD tools used are Catia V5, Catia V4, Ideas – NX, Unigraphics NX. Pro-E Solid Works/Solid Edge, Auto CAD, PDMS Microstation, Ansys DesignModeler, SpaceClaim, etc.

2D Drafting and 3D Modeling and Visualization: CapB’s experienced professional drafters and CAD specialist provide quality mechanical drafting services for all of your design and planning needs. Our drafters are experts in mechanical drafting and will deliver precise working detailed mechanical drawings based on your ideas, sketches, and specifications. CapB’s design experts provide 3D Visualization solution that remains true to your drawing standards and practices. We have talented and experienced team providing excellent 3D visualization models

Conversion: We will convert your paper drawings to an accurate workable AutoCAD drawing. We will generate the drawings utilizing the CAD layer and linetype preferences you provide or if you don’t have specific requirements we will utilize the U.S. National CAD Standards as adopted by the AIA (American Institute of Architects). Conversion services include: Raster to vector; Paper to CAD Dwg to CAD, Pdf to CAD, 2D to 3D conversion.

With CapB’s solutions, you can access data from hardware such as data acquisition boards/PLCs in a manufacturing/plant/R&D lab setting, test and measurement instruments, interface devices, and imaging devices. You also have direct access to data from ODBC- and JDBC-compliant databases, OPC servers, and several financial data servers. We enable live visualization and analysis and streamline automation of repetitive tasks that require data from external sources.

With Matlab and related data analysis products (such as Hadoop for big data) CapB can analyze and gain insight into your data in a fraction of the time. Interactive tools and solutions can be used for statistical analysis, image processing, signal processing, and other domains. It helps in:

  • Accessing data from files, spreadsheets, databases, test equipment, data acquisition hardware, other software, or the Web
  • Explore data to identify trends, test hypotheses, and estimate uncertainty
  • Create customized algorithms, visualizations, and models and publish customized reports.

Models help in understanding and accurately predicting the behavior of complex systems. These models enable

  • Forecasting and optimizing system behavior
  • Designing control systems
  • Characterizing system response

Our solutions and numeric and symbolic modeling approaches provides curve fitting, statistics, optimization, ODE and PDE solving, calculus, and other core mathematical tools enable modeling and simulating the behavior of multidomain systems and for developing embedded systems..

Our solutions including MATLAB® lets you develop algorithms to validate concepts, explore design alternatives, and distribute your algorithm in the form that best suits your application. It provides the tools you need to transform your ideas into algorithms, including:

  • Thousands of core mathematical, engineering, and scientific functions
  • Application-specific algorithms in domains such as signal and image processing, control design, computational finance, and computational biology
  • Development tools for editing, debugging, and optimizing algorithms.

Large-scale simulations and data processing tasks that support engineering and R&D/scientific activities such as mathematical modeling ,algorithm development, and testing can take an unreasonably long time to complete or require a lot of computer memory. CapB can speed up these tasks by taking advantage of high-performance computing resources, such as multicore computers, GPUs, computer clusters, from Nvidia and grid and cloud computing . CapB can provide both leading edge products and open source solutions – solutions from documenting and implementing Parallel Data Mining Algorithms (GPUMiner), Clustering (k-means, EM Clustering, PCA, frequent itemsets, and others), exploratory data analysis (EDA) and multi-dimensional data visualization to explore hidden features and search the parameters space for optimum process variables; Scaling SQLite & PostGreSQL using CUDA; Interfacing SQLServer and CUDA-based components using SQLCL; Processing large volumes of data on GPUs ;  High Volume Data mining -Hadoop/GPU clusters etc.

Looking more closely at the IT landscape in a manufacturing environment, it’s not uncommon to find a multitude of different systems from which data is extracted: from ERP/MRP systems & MES: (across Plants) System data sources. Testing |Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) |EquipmentL more sensors and microprocessors) Defects: Process: (manufacturing operations data sources such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), RFID tags, bar code scanners and manual data input stations (HMI/MMI), Supplier:

In such a complex environment, the process of getting at the data is very tedious and time consuming, and probably not very repeatable. In such scenarios Early-warning analytics that enable operators to proactively address potential quality and performance issues before they become customer problems | Collaborative problem-solving capabilities across departmental functions through enterprise-wide technology tools | Easier and faster access to quality-related data and other knowledge| Predictive modeling that allows optimal process set-up, leading to improved asset utilization, optimized material consumption, reduced rework rates, and reduced scrap expenses becomes Critical for business.

Bottom lIne– CapB’s core goal in Big Data is in putting the value of Big Data in the hands of all decision makers.

CapB provides complete end to end solutions on ERP, SCM, PLM, PM  & EAM for both Process and Discrete Manufacturing. Fortune 500 companies have benefited in CapB solutions from Strategy to Implementation and Maintenance. Companies have leveraged CapB’s offshore capabilities from faster turnaround, 24*7 Maintenance, and monitoring while leveraging cost benefits due to labor arbitrage.

For more information visit our web pages for -| SAP Solutions| Oracle Solutions| JDA Red Prairie Solutions|.








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