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CapB’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities encompasses a range of technologies that learn over time as they are exposed to more data. The focus of our work our work is to develop artificial intelligence based solutions infused with the feature engineering and human skill set of problem solving with high level of computational efficiency. CapB, focuses to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise that are Practical, Productive, and Provide Immediate value to organizations. Benefiting from AI techniques in the short term are processes involved with:

  • Influencing Sales: Implementing AI techniques increase sales of new products and services significantly.
  • Boosting Operations: Organizations implementing AI techniques has had significant increase in operational efficiency.
  • Engaging the customer organizations: Organizations using AI techniques enhance customer satisfaction significantly.
  • Generating Insights: organizations implementing AI techniques generate new insights and better analysis

CapB provides solutions across broad spectrum of AI/ML/DL, Swarm Intelligence,

  • Enterprise Bot’s, Business Decisions, Workflow, Measured Insights, Automated Analytics, Customer Behavioral Analytics, Audience Targeting, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Customer Care, Reducing Revenue Churn, Product/Service recommendation,, Forecasting, Automated Stock trading/ Algorithmic Trading Platform, Financial Modeling, Regulatory Compliance, Supply Chain Design, Demand & Inventory Management, Personalizing shopping .Analyzing Social Media HR, etc.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, , Semantic Technology, Biometrics, Cognitive Predictive Maintenance, Pattern , Image, Voice, Video Recognition & Authentication, Visual Sensing Match & Predictive Cyber security, New Product Development etc,

The potential of AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotics Process Automation in business is well articulated. But the problem for many businesses is knowing where to start. Our four week Accelerated Intelligence program is designed to deliver a practical application in just few weeks across  Discovery workshop |Business case identification| Full model implementation| Road-map To Production| as detailed below

Identifying opportunities. We run a half day workshop with the relevant stakeholders. There are three key questions we work through – how clients make money, where they lose money, and what data is available for client? From this starting point, we generate potential uses for AI for business. The aim at this stage is to go broad and uncover as many opportunities as possible.

Establishing a business case: Each use case is assessed for viability. CapB looks at level of effort required, speed of adoption/implementation, quality of available data etc. Looking at existing software, processes and structures and collaborate to understand the potential benefit of each use case. From this process, CapB identifies key uses cases to consider for pilot.

Proof of Concept: CapB takes a sample of the data and create a proof of concept. This PoC demonstrates the viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results can be achieved from the application of AI – prototype demonstrates the  viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results with incremental improvements  can be achieved with the efficient implementation of AI techniques.

Roll out plan: CapB defines a high level roll-out plan, covering required processes, data, resources and timings to give a clear idea of how the Proof of Concept can be integrated into client’s business while providing a functional prototype producing real business results, and the tools needed to build out greater capability.

Some Use cases across verticals highlighted below CapB is involved in providing solutions:

Banking: CapB’s Banking AI CoE provides solution related to Loan initiation, Card servicing, Fraud detection, Account management, Mortgage origination, Services, Sales and much more.

Insurance: CapB’s Insurance domain uses among others AI technologies to handle interactions related to quote generation, Eligibility, Policy amendments, Offers, Claims, Services , Sales and much more across Life, General, Health, Auto, Property, Casualty, Underwriting, and Reinsurance.

Healthcare: CapB’s Healthcare Solution is built using AI technologies to handle among others service discovery, scheduling, chronic care management, post-operative care, referrals, coverage, billing, claims, services and sales.

Telecom: CapB’s  provides solutions on plan discovery, prepaid and postpaid purchase and activation, billing, account management, network utilization, digitized customer care, sales, field operations, mobile payments, and more. It also reducing revenue churn Forecasting Managing Risk,Tracking customer history/transaction, Sales , Service and much more.

Automotive: Managing risk, reducing revenue churn, Forecasting, Analyzing consumer behavior, Sales  and much more

Manufacturing: Managing risk, Forecasting Detecting faults and measuring asset performance, extensive use of AI tools like control systems, sensors and ML-based optimization, Demand Prediction, Optimization of Scheduling/Production, Sourcing/Inventory Management, Predictive Maintenance.

Retail: Forecasting, Tracking customer history/transaction; Reducing revenue churn,Sales, Service and much more

Utilities: Analyzing consumer behavior Trading strategies Forecasting, Sales, Service and much more

CapB’s “C-Focal Point” Strategy

Strong alignment is critical to the success of any effort. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics.

CapB’s ” C-Focal Point” strategy  coupled with our technocrats,  will provide greater ROI ,whether you are on your first SAP implementation or want to increase the value of the applications you already have, or moving towards Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

Project Management Life-cycle @ CapB

The CapB project management framework and methodology  (CPMM), is the blueprint for project management at CapB. It offers a common language, a common approach, and a common training model for the discipline of project management in the CapB environment. The CPMM augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management. It incorporates best practices from the PMI,  (SEI) , (CMM),  Agile . Because of the complexities of managing large projects, and controlling a myriad of parameters, the CPMM is organized into a framework of processes, procedures, best practices, and tools designed to provide flexibility and discipline to the project management team. Figure on the right, CapB Project Management Methodology, provides a high-level view of integration of our project management approach and our systems development processes.

 The success of your AI ML solution is to a large degree determined by the Speed, Practicality, Cost and the Effectiveness of the solution to add value to your organization. This is where CapB  brings value for clients through our Multitude of Experienced consultants (who has seen & done  numerous client uses case) in providing a Quick ROI and Long Sustaining Operations and competitive advantage. For more information or to engage CapB please email us at


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