Dgital Solutions From CapB

In Today’s Digital Economy, CapB is the answer in making a company Productive and profitable. More organizations are leveraging CapB’s “Innovation As a Service” through use of Robots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT/M2M, AI/ ML/DL , Cloud,  Big Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling and Algorithmic Solutions as part of their Digital Transformation strategy and enablement process. CapB, focuses to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise that are Practical, Productive, and Provide Immediate value to organizations.

From Cutting-edge NLU Technology to recurrent Artificial Neural Network algorithms to Data Science Automation utilizing Unstructured data among others into appropriate intents through algorithms, models and methods in combination with IoT by leveraging the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index with our pioneering expertise across AI/ ML, Big Data Analytics, and Robotics Process Automation, helps organizations become more efficient and competitive; providing integrated offerings to deliver and manage solutions that work.

Our “Innovation As A Service is a platform tailored for companies from Fortune 50 to Start Ups. Coupled with CapB’s “C- Focal Point Strategy’ (specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics, CapB’s “Lean and Predictive Model driven” Talent Management spread across geographies, and CapB Project Management Framework and methodology (CPMM) (which augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management) ensures:

  1. “Innovation As A Service” project is done within time and meeting clear objectives of the management/ stakeholders.
  2. Done at a fraction of a cost than internal teams or large consulting companies while the Quality of work and End-Results exceeds expectations due to CapB consultant’s rich knowledge and experience across technology and domain.

 The potential of AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotics Process Automation in business is well articulated. But the problem for many businesses is knowing where to start. Our four week Accelerated Intelligence program is designed to deliver a practical application in just few weeks.

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