Application/ Database/ Infrastructure Maintenance

With the role of technology in business changing from business enabler to business transformer, the range and complexity of systems and the dependence on them will only increase. IT organizations should address the need for stability, performance and functionality across an ever-increasing range of legacy, hosted , packaged and proprietary systems – and to do so in a way that unlocks system potential without additional cost burdens.

Support challenges demand new models that are not based on resource numbers alone. Teams now need to have a deep understanding of the business, of the ERPs packaged and custom solutions in play, of ITIL® and Agile processes, and of the industry best practices. They also require a deeper level of integration with the ASM & Infrastructure, Development, and Testing teams.

Support requirements at this level are as much about increasing productivity as they are about maintaining/improving the quality of services. While classic SLA models track request-to-resolution metrics, they no longer provide enough actionable value to organizations. Next generation support is moving toward integrated development-test-support KPI environments designed to both track and improve results simultaneously.

Throughout the entire application life-cycle we provide a range of services including:

•Application Assessment and Audit (Architecture, Design, Performance

• Application Support: Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Management
• Application Maintenance: Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
• Application Enhancement: Request for Change (RFC) Implementations, Functional Uplift
• Application Performance Monitoring, Management, and Tuning
• Release and Deployment Management integrated with Application Systems Management, Development and QA services
• Preventive and Proactive Maintenance and Support
• Application Transition and Consulting Services
• Service Management utilizing tools
• Software as a Service
• Product Selection
• Protocol-wide database integration

With a dedicated Support & Maintenance department, in US, India, and Europe CapB has significant
and direct experience in the support and maintenance of complex applications, platforms, and solutions .
Through experience, our successful support program helps:
• Maintain a well-balanced team of talented and experienced engineers who are professional, easy to work with and strong communicators
• Utilize a comprehensive set of tools covering all stages of application support and maintenance, configured and integrated with our clients’ tools
• Follow reliable processes, policies and procedures so that resources can be added smoothly, requests, incidents, and tasks can all be performed and tracked closely, and key metrics/SLAs can be continuously monitored and refined
Business Value
• Reduced system downtime
• Enhanced performance
• Increased freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives
By supporting some or all of your applications, our offerings ensure that your core systems remain operational, free of defects and responsive to changing user needs — and provide ongoing enhancements as required. As part of this process, we often introduce enhancements that improve service levels

Do more with less utilizing a wide spectrum of CapB DBA services

CapB provides services to support the full lifecycle of your Database ( Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) investment ensuring the highest availability and performance of your database. Our talented consultants have deep experience in managing complex databases ensuring that you don’t have to confront any security loopholes, business disruptions and performance bottlenecks.
Rely on CapB for complete DBA services for all Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 environments including:
• Design and development of databases
• Upgrades
• Backup and building recovery strategies
• Maintenance

Supporting business—transforming network
CapB Network Management Services provides monitoring and management of your network.
• We monitor your network to ensure devices and network links are operating properly. We measure the performance and utilization of network devices to spot developing bottlenecks.
• We perform proactive network testing to prevent failures before they disrupt the network.
• We provide ongoing maintenance for network devices to repair or replace them when they fail.
• We design a network architecture using open standards that meets your business needs for availability, growth and flexibility. We transform your network over time to the new design and technology with increased performance and reliability.
• It means your network does a better job supporting your business, and it costs less to operate and maintain.
• Solutions across LAN and WAN across different technologies and products from CISCO, Juniper to Nortel…. Etc.

CapB provides services to support Operating systems (Windows, Unix- AIX, Solaris, HP & Linux) investment ensuring the highest availability and performance of your Operating Systems. Our talented consultants have deep experience in managing complex databases ensuring that you don’t have to confront any security loopholes, business disruptions and performance bottlenecks. These include up gradation to newer version enterprise wide.
Rely on CapB for complete Operating Systems services for all Windows, Unix- AIX, Solaris, HP & Linux environments

CapB provides complete, yet flexible offshore, maintenance and support options to meet your requirement. As most of the Businesses these days are highly dependent on IT Services, CapB offshore support provide Application, maintenance services Database, Operating Systems Network Maintenance Solutions which ensures your business applications are managed seamlessly, provide secured High Performance platform and enhance your business by transforming critical applications to meet changing business needs

CapB Offshore Maintenance Services
• Identify and rectify the corrective, incidental issues and errors
• Plan and implement the action to avoid future problems based upon past incidents, anticipation and feedback, and continuous improvement
• Provide adoptions/changes to applications resulting due to external environment Carry out functional modifications
24/7 Helpdesk Support Aims at
• Settling the request for change based on the priority through corrective, preventive, adaptive and perfective maintenance
• Confirming the receipt, and acknowledgement
Incident Management Solutions include
• Modification Management

• Maintenance and renewal
• Program management and distribution Dedicated team 24/7 support
• Lower cost resources
• Focus on Core activity with in-house team
• Rapid time to realize and Time to Market the software product

Service Level Agreement assure
• Legacy product maintenance
• Component Development and up gradation
• Support to multiple platform versions
• Localization and customization of core products

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