Ecommerce Solutions

CapB offers full range of e-commerce solutions including support of business models and e-commerce sites – whether B2C or B2B – on a single platform; speeds and simplifies the deployment and management of differentiated e-commerce sites while maximizing performance, scalability and adaptability. We provide solutions for marketing, merchandising, catalog and content management, B2B selling, order management and more. Wipro offers the industry’s most complete middleware platform to provide seamless integration of channels, processes
and systems.
We have the expertise to help you find the answers. We create smart shopping experiences, supported by technologies such as content management, search engine optimization, and customer-facing analytics.We can guide you in measuring the effectiveness of your eCommerce sites with metrics like conversion rate, average-order value, page-abandonment rate and site sales. We know that replacing custom Web-development initiatives with commercial, off-the-shelf, or open-source, software can save your company as much as 35% of ongoing maintenance and license costs.
• Advisory to leverage the power of internet and web technologies, to get far ahead of their competitors in this ever competitive market.
• Cross-channel commerce solutions that empower organizations to deliver an integrated personalized consumer experience for all customer touch points.
• eCommerce platform – an ecosystem of outsourced e-commerce and business services, enabling multichannel and next-generation capabilities. It allows retailers unparalleled visibility into their e-commerce  enterprise without substantial investments in time and infrastructure
The Hybris ecommerce platform is a robust multichannel commerce platform that helps customers to implement integrated solutions for multi touchpoint experiences.
Our strong Knowledge and experience with Hybris allows us to deliver world class Hybris based multichannel commerce solutions at an extremely competitive price.
B2B Commerce
We leverage Hybris B2B Multichannel Commerce and our experience in implementing B2B commerce sites to provide our customers the control and capabilities required to efficiently grow revenue.We understand the complexities of B2B commerce. When we engage with our customers we usually focus on product content standardization and always look at the entire range of systems across the enterprise.Our initial goal when working with our B2B customers is to understand their short term and long term goals and prioritize them. We then perform a gap and cost analysis to help our clients understand the investment that will be required to meet their business goals and map these investments to expected outcomes.
B2C Commerce
Our B2C experience allowed us to understand analytics, customer behavior, shopping cart management, online marketing and the basic technology mash-up that is required to build a true multi-channel system.With the growing popularity of mobile and tablet devices, the B2C experience is now becoming a multi-channel commerce experience. People have brought their expectations from the best in breed B2C sites into their offices. Traditional B2B businesses, manufacturers and distributors and starting to want to go direct when they can without disenfranchising their distributors.In the end, B2C is our most mature practice and our capabilities continue to evolve and improve as we have developed our multi-channel commerce capabilities to support the new Agile commerce paradigm.
Magento is one of the best e-commerce platform for online stores these days. It is not a simple CMS, but a set of effective tools to manage an online store in the most profitable manner. That’s what differs it from other platforms.

CapB is well known provider of professional Magento development services at the global scale. Our company has a wide range of ready-to-use Magento products, a set of package services for Magento website creation, as well as custom development and integration services at competitive prices.Our extensive Magento development services include module design and custom project development.

Services offered
• Dedicated team of developers and designers to work on your project
• Set up hosting
• Install and tune all necessary modules and extensions
• Integrate Magento Theme, Custom design or Create design depending on the Magento Development Package
• Test website performance before final launch
• Provide the chosen support hours after website launch.

We  can also
• Transfer your existing website onto Magento platform with ease
• We dig into your database and tune it to Magento.

Offshore dedicated teams
Our offshore dedicated team is the most appealing solution for companies in need of extending their in-house development capacity without the overheads of additional direct manpower and infrastructure resources. It is also a good solution for start-ups looking for lower costs and high quality solutions provided by real Magento experts.CapB offers offshore dedicated teams service for different companies all over the world. We provide professional Magento developers, PHP programmers, designers and project managers with the needed skills and experience who will be working in a dedicated office space solely on your project. We establish Magento offshore dedicated teams from scratch with professional methodology and management in mind.We will be happy to set up a team for your business success!
In its depths Magento has great potential which with the right skills and right people can easily be used for the benefit of your online store. Our team has both the right people with right skills that can be used just to improve your business position. The improvement can go well from the slightest details like Magento modules to major website development. CapB’s  custom Magento service is ready to cover any demand and invest into your future prosperity.

WebSphere Commerce Server
WebSphere Commerce helps companies of all sizes enable their customers to do business on demand. . It supports the ability to do business directly with consumers (B2C), with businesses (B2B), and indirectly through channel partners (Supply Chain, Demand Chain and Value Chain), or all of this simultaneously. Capb’s e-Commerce team creates full-featured Web business applications and extends your business across networks. It provides a powerful set of capabilities for non-transactional sites including user profiling, content targeting, multi-language, and advanced business analytics. WebSphere Commerce Server provides different subsystems like Catalog Management, Order Management, Member Management, Trading, Marketing and Merchandise.

WCS specialized services from CapB Evaluation and Jump Start Program
• Proof of technology (POT) and Proof of Concept (POC)
• Migration from WCS 5.X to WCS 6.0
• Migration from WCS Express to WCS 6.0
• WCS Integration with ERP systems
• 24X7 support of web store from offshore
• Accelerator on WCS-SAP integration (Reusable component to reduce development time)
• Search Engine Optimization for the web store
• Enabling cross-channel implementations
• Enable Dynamic Caching
• Customization of the accelerators in WCS
• Develop ETL loader scripts

WCS to ERP End-to-End Integration Services:
• Integrate customer-facing processes across touch points
• Integrate with back-end systems and connect to partners and suppliers
• Create a single, consolidated view of data and analytics
• Collaborate with employees, customers and partners
• Ensure the security of the integrated environment
• Leverage open standards and tools for maximum flexibility in integration\
• Delivers a rich, relevant customer and partner experience by extending a common set of business services across every point of interaction
• Supports any or all business models and e-commerce sites on a single instance of the software and associated infrastructure
• Speed and simplifies the deployment and management of differentiated e-commerce sites while maximizing performance, scalability and adaptability
• Provides intuitive, role-based tools to empower your employees to better serve customers across channels
• Provides rich, out-of-the-box capabilities for catalog and content management, member management, contracts and entitlements, negotiations, order management and more
What we can do?
• Jump Start Program
• Migration from WCS 4.X to WCS 6.0
• Migration from WCS Express to WCS 6.0
• Customization of the accelerators in WCS
• WCS Integration with SAP and Oracle Apps
• Develop loader scripts
Engage CapB experts to assist on your commerce projects, or design and implement a Customer Portal with integrated commerce capabilities.

Oracle/ATG commerce solutions
Multi-channel selling is not new in the marketplace.  But the complexity of back-end systems, the cost of integration projects, and deeply entrenched silo’ed business processes have meant that each channel has had to operate independently without synergy or, in some cases, coordination. With CapB’s Oracle/ATG commerce solutions, enterprises can cost-effectively and efficiently move to a unified cross-channel sales model, creating a seamless Web, in store, phone, kiosk and mobile customer experience.
CapB enable clients to attain their commerce objectives and offer the most engaging, relevant and profitable experiences to their customers.  This is achieved by leveraging Oracle/ATG’s market-leading platform and CapB’s proven commerce services, which combine an agile, results-oriented delivery approach with a deep knowledge of the Oracle/ATG suite of products.

CapB’s full lifecycle commerce services include:
• Cross-channel commerce and online strategy
• User experience design and implementation
• Solution design and architecture
• Platform configuration, integration and implementation
• Solution re-platforming, migration and upgrade
• Site optimization and web analytics
• Application and infrastructure management
• End-to-end managed services
Client-focused delivery approach
CapB’s delivery approach is based on:
• Deep and complete understanding of the retail and telecommunication value chain and business models
• Strong focus on the user experience and customer lifecycle
• In-depth expertise in Oracle/ATG’s commerce suite of products with award-winning global implementations
• Proven CMMI-compliant and ISO-certified agile methodologies and frameworks
• Global delivery centers with capability and scalability to meet global needs that leverage the best mix of local and remote resources
• Professional practices in complementary technologies and related functional domains, including business intelligence (BI), enterprise content management (ECM), architecture and integration, mobile applications, collaboration, social networking and other technologies
Ecom Analytics
Domain, Knowledge , technology and a strong grip on Analytics/ BI / predictive analysis modeling, BIg data  is what makes CapB different from others in making your ecom solution robust scalable and more importantly in becoming  an important tool for your business decisions.For more information on our Analytics/ Bi PLEASE VISIT OUR ANALYTICS PAGE..( PROVIDE A LINK TO BI/ANALYTICS UNDER SERVCIE MENU)

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