NetSuite Solutions From CapB

CapB’s NetSuite consulting team has deep experience with ERP, cloud solutions, across multiple verticals. From implementation to integration to customization, we can help you maximize your investment and take your ERP to the cloud. Effective managed services is about having a clear vision and the right tools to bring it to life. Detailed analysis and requirements, a strong business strategy, confident leadership and an organization ripe for transformational growth are key to ensuring change is executed successfully. CapB provides the tools and advise at every stage of the process, working collaboratively with our clients to realize your vision.. Financial success, business processes, client perception and the ability to learn and grow through continuous change and improvement are the foundations of our strategy.

Our NetSuite services include:

  • Consultancy & Advisory– Through experience from multiple ERP implementations.
    • Planning and implementation: A successful NetSuite implementation starts with a great plan. Our NetSuite consulting team can ensure your installation is efficient and optimized by guiding you through the planning stages, define the objectives, outcome. As an expert in NetSuite and cloud technology, our consultants and tools will help assess where your team is today and what you need to do in order to be ready for your implementation. This includes risk analysis and setting the scope of your project, goals, and timeline. Once ready, we will go through a requirements gathering phase to ensure all areas are prepared for your implementation and then use these requirements to map out your implementation. CapB consulting team, will summarize the functional and procedural requirements captured during the business Process Mapping Phase of the implementation. This document represents information gathered in meetings held with key stakeholders, which enables the CapB team to map the business requirements to an efficient flow in the NetSuite application. The resulting Business Requirement Document (BRD) will serve as a blueprint for the team to configure the application.
  • Configuration: CapB ensures you get the most from NetSuite’s unified business solution tools. Our consultants will recommend best practices for implementing and configuring your NetSuite platform so that you and your users are able to effectively use all its robust attributes
  • Development & Integration: CapB develops bespoke integrated solutions for specific business requirements. The best of breed solutions has also to integrate and interface with other internal external applications. CapB’s Business and technical consultants will help you efficiently integrate and interact with other applications in the most optimized, economical way. Data migration is an important part of a successful ERP project and we’ve got the tools and the experience to make the process fast and worry-free.
    • Once you are ready to go live on your NetSuite platform, we will prepare your team for the transition. This includes ensuring documentation is prepared, necessary training has been scheduled/held, tying up any loose ends from the implementation, and ensuring your team is confident and ready to use the NetSuite platform successfully.
  • Training: CapB ensure knowledge transfer throughout the project, and also 1-2-1 training, or train the trainer approach. As your project finalizes, we work with you to plan for hand-off to your team, including
  • Support: CapB will support you through the full project life cycle, and post implementation.
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