Digital Marketing & Customer Analytics

Digital Marketing & Customer Analytics: CapB builds custom needs based solutions on Digital Marketing & Customer Analytics as well as implement Analytics solutions from Adobe, AgilOne, AT Internet, ClickFox, FICO, Google, IBM, Optimove, Pitney Bowes, SAP, SAS, Thunderhead. CapB’s Digital Marketing and Customer Analytics encompasses:

Marketing Analytics solutions across verticals: Leveraging AI, data modeling and machine learning expertise to know customers more deeply, predict best result effort on Marketing to predicting intent to buy with social listening; Influencing customer behavior with deeper insights; Discovering distinct new microsegments and behavior through Machine learning technology to tune them identify patterns as they emerge including Pattern recognition to display consumer behaviors. Solutions involves

Marketing Spend & ROI: Budget Optimization & Allocation by channel, Quantifying returns on Mobile & Social, Balancing portfolio brands & SKUs for max profit etc.

Customer Lifetime Value: CapB does (CLV) modeling through Predictive and behavioral analytics across time, product lines, segments and even channels. Allocate marketing spend more strategically. Accelerate monetization, Identify high value prospects, Rank high-to-low value customers, Gauge loyalty program upgrade potential, Ascertain customer intent to re-purchase

Funnel & Conversion Modeling: Refining scoring & engagement tiers, establishing multiple funnels based on segments; Accelerating Maximizing MQLs (marketing qualified leads)

Social Media Listening: Combining Text, Speech & Customer sentiment analysis with org. performance indicators & predictive analytics; impact of social media on brand, tracking recurring & emerging trends.

Omnichannel Attribution Modeling: Optimizing media spend across channels, effectiveness of ATL & BTL media strategies, Allocating media spend; balancing online & offline investments to maximize ROI.

Loyalty Analytics: Earn & Burn analysis, Predicting purchase intent for focused offers; predicting upgrade potential, finding usage patterns, What-if scenarios for changes in earning styles & tier qualifications.

Cross-Sell & Upsell Strategies: ML & Predictive Analytics for lucrative product combinations, Identify cross-sell; Distribute up-sell offers simultaneously across channels; Discover predictive power of key indicators; Creating segments with distinct purchase patterns; Updating offer matrix.

Customer acquisition and retention: CapB provides Advanced analytics helping understand what consumers buy, why they buy it by Creating hyper-personalize offers ,Predict intent to buy with social listening, Analyzing past campaigns to make better offers, Next Best actions by microsegment, addressing pain point, Tracking prospect awareness, consideration and intent, Pinpoint churn risk factors with predictive models, Tier retention offers based on predicted customer value, mitigate exposure through dissatisfaction patterns, discovering new win back offers, Profiling lost customers with high win back potential

Customer Satisfaction Analysis: (CSAT) In the era of the empowered customer, mobile and social media have magnified the already dominant impact of word of mouth. Play an active part in boosting customer satisfaction by using big data analytics to glean a new awareness of CSAT drivers and nurture healthy customer relationships. Develop services based on customer needs, positive experiences, Find and fix the root causes of poor customer feedback, Leverage your loyalty program to find CSAT drivers

Customer Journey & Single View: CapB helps in eliminating data silos and create a single view in Cross-channel integration and targeting; Campaign and experience optimization through Google, Adobe, etc

Big Data & Cloud Computing: CapB’s data engineers helps organizations across the major clouds like Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS.

Outsourced Tag Management: CapB’s tagging specialist help organizations through Google, Tealium, etc, including regular tag audits within a Fixed annual support fees

Dashboards & Reporting: CapB specialists deliver custom reports on preferred tech stack across multiple data sources through ETL and data warehousing, Report design and automation from R, D3, Plotly, Tableau, etc

CapB’s “C-Focal Point” Strategy

Strong alignment is critical to the success of any effort. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics.

CapB’s ” C-Focal Point” strategy  coupled with our technocrats,  will provide greater ROI ,whether you are on your first SAP implementation or want to increase the value of the applications you already have, or moving towards Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

Project Management Life-cycle @ CapB

The CapB project management framework and methodology  (CPMM), is the blueprint for project management at CapB. It offers a common language, a common approach, and a common training model for the discipline of project management in the CapB environment. The CPMM augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management. It incorporates best practices from the PMI,  (SEI) , (CMM),  Agile . Because of the complexities of managing large projects, and controlling a myriad of parameters, the CPMM is organized into a framework of processes, procedures, best practices, and tools designed to provide flexibility and discipline to the project management team. Figure on the right, CapB Project Management Methodology, provides a high-level view of integration of our project management approach and our systems development processes.

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