Blockchain Solutions From CapB

CapB   evaluates and provides Blockchain and cryptocurrency related solutions and web services across full spectrum of Blockchain technology including level kernel optimization in hardware near mining operation and data centre build outs. We also actively develop financial trading frameworks and web services operating on top of the blockchain, with intuitive UI/UX. CapB delivers, Business and functional requirements; Design, development, testing and training of Blockchain solutions; Integration and management of third party solutions

CapB provides programming of scalable and distributed applications and custom-built protocols including integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into existing company network. Among others we provide solutions which translates to prominent benefits in data security and authentication, transparency and disintermediation.

CapB’s Blockchain services include:

Financial Vertical: Payments & Transactions: CapB can help in instant financial transaction through Decentralized blockchain-based payment processors operating directly between the contractual parties and making transaction safer through cryptographically secure end-to-end payment flow and a peer-to-peer verification network. CapB through smart contracts can replace cost-intensive customer reward programmes, such as gift cards, ticketing and voucher prepaid channels. Through a cheaper quicker safe blockchain-based processors.CapB through blockchain provides secure mesh networks, for devices to interconnect relaibly and avoiding device spoofing and impersonation. CapB’s services also establishes immutable evidence chains useful for supply chain management, identification of individuals and individual assets  where encrypted public ledgers serve as data storage for registries of personal data creating a digital thumbprint.

Insurance Industry :CapB’s Blockchain solutions not only helps Remittances for insurance organizations in quicker payment processing, but also benefits intelligent and efficient contracts by making payments conditional, while automation making process more transparent. Payout Calculation of Claim and Payment is executed when pre-approved conditions are met. Fraud detection is inherent in the system as CapB’s Blockchain solutions reject multiple claims for the same insurance case.

Energy Industry: CapB’s solution helps energy to be distributed from one energy asset owner to the end consumer in a P2P trading system or to existing distribution network. Local grids on cryptographically secure CapB Blockchain platform, can disconnect from larger electric grid in emergencies or extreme weather conditions. CapB’s Blockchain-based systems also automates internal operational processes, market trading and clearing mechanisms.

Supply Chain: CapB’s Blockchain solution gives complete visibility and transparency in the supply chain, through registration of each transfer on the ledger as transaction. Each transaction identifies the operator and party involved with data across price, date, location, quality and state of the product which are free from tampering in CapB’s logged Blockchain environment.

CapB’s “C-Focal Point” Strategy

Strong alignment is critical to the success of any effort. CapB C-Focal Point Strategy specializes in enabling groups to rapidly align around clear executable outcomes. From Measuring-to Maximizing and Maintaining your Processes using Enterprise Modeling & Applications & Analytics.

CapB’s ” C-Focal Point” strategy  coupled with our technocrats,  will provide greater ROI ,whether you are on your first SAP implementation or want to increase the value of the applications you already have, or moving towards Cloud Solutions and Managed Services.

Project Management Life-cycle @ CapB

The CapB project management framework and methodology  (CPMM), is the blueprint for project management at CapB. It offers a common language, a common approach, and a common training model for the discipline of project management in the CapB environment. The CPMM augments the conceptual model derived from PMI, and extends it by adding Customer Relationship Management. It incorporates best practices from the PMI,  (SEI) , (CMM),  Agile . Because of the complexities of managing large projects, and controlling a myriad of parameters, the CPMM is organized into a framework of processes, procedures, best practices, and tools designed to provide flexibility and discipline to the project management team. Figure on the right, CapB Project Management Methodology, provides a high-level view of integration of our project management approach and our systems development processes.

 The success of Blockchain solution is to a large degree determined by the Speed, Practicality, Cost and the Effectiveness of the solution to add value to your organization. This is where CapB  brings value for clients through our Multitude of Experienced consultants (who has seen & done  numerous client uses case) in providing a Quick ROI and Long Sustaining Operations and competitive advantage.

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