CapB’s global delivery model helps drive down costs and speed up implementation of strategic initiatives, enabling you to compete and win in the global economy. At CapB, we invest to meet our clients’ future challenges through a full-service portfolio and flexible delivery options that balance cost, quality and risk. Our best-fit delivery approach includes CapB’s unique client proximity model that provides for local resources to deliver the quick response and local accountability required for success. Through these local teams, we offer onshore, nearshore and offshore options that include the skilled resources in 5 global delivery geographies, which operate under a common governance model that delivers consistent results.
“OFFSHORE Development is no longer just a cost-saving tactic; it’s a strategic decision that delivers increased value over time. With mature processes to execute Global Delivery CapB provides the combined value of time-to-market and economic efficiencies with an array of other benefits that bring with them long-term value.
CapB’s Global Delivery Model (GDM) is a framework for distributed project management and multi-location engagement teams. GDM provides clients with integrated service components including consulting, development, maintenance and support to address their global business needs. Our GMD supports the philosophy of:
• Segmenting phases of work into logical components, and
• Distributing these components across geography to perform them where maximum value is created
A complete delivery and support model, GMD utilizes CapB’s extensive global network of resources, technology, facilities, and best-in-class processes to efficiently, consistently, and rapidly address each client’s unique requirements. The global infrastructure of GDM extends common methodologies, business processes, and best practices to achieve consistent quality and outcomes.
Our Approach:
• Ensures the right degree of customer contact is retained to master requirements and business objectives and ultimately deliver a true business value
• Delivers quality services from the right skill centers to meet the performance requirements at a reasonable price. Our delivery teams, whether onsite, offsite, near shore or offshore, are all part of the same governance structure, following the same standards and business systems
RELIABILITY. CapB’s Global Development Centers are outfitted with robust, secure, data communications networks, enabling project teams to pass complex information between centers across the globe – securely and seamlessly.
LEADERSHIP. CapB is an invaluable intellectual capital partner for your business. Our domain and technology consultants along with a set of processes ensure a non-disruptive transition to the outsourcing model. CapB helps manage change and its complexities with proven tools, approaches, and models, taking the entire ecosystem into account. Factors such as business user education and comfort, cultural training, clear roles and responsibilities, and rules of engagement are considered in developing a customized, balanced program for you.



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